K.ZIA – HMU private party

To start the year off right we partnered with K.ZIA Berlin based Belgium singer/songwriter for a very special showcase.
K.ZIA dropped the single Hit Me Up featuring Leroy Menace end of 2019, alongside with the single K.ZIA published a cellphone number to directly connect with her audience. Framed Berlin was our playground for the night slightly overbooked with beautiful people and guests artists K.ZIA brought on stage like Sedric Perry from FHAT, Leroy Menace, DJ/producer T-NO and guitarist Botond Ikvai-Szabo.

Shoutout to master connector Raul who brought us together to host this special night, Kimani for filming and Jameson Whiskey as well as Schweppes for the support.

Date: January 9th, 2020
Partner: K.ZIA
Venue: Framed Berlin
Pictures by: Gianna Shamone
Filmed by: Kimani
Edited by: Kimani, K.ZIA