VL Exhibits

At Virtual Love Exhibits we created a set as an homage to the 90’s / 2000’s teenagers bedrooms, decorated with collages from our first concert, toys and candy. The set was designed for our first editorial shoot to be compiled in a zine, as well as the exhibition space during the night.
Emma fka White Lie and Melis brought their vinyls to set the mood and live performance by London based singer Òlah Bliss turned the entire place around.

Massive shoutouts to ROBERTO BRUNDO, who shot the entire day and edited the zine with us as well as our models and day ones, you brought the essential vibes to make it happen.


Date: May 19, 2018
Performer: Òlah Bliss
DJs: Melis, Emma, SugaBoy
Photography: Roberto
Set Design: Rufus Fux
Jewellery Dealer: Casey Fuchs
Videographer: Simon
Video Edit:: Olah Bliss