In collaboration with Treble Industries, we took six creatives to Austin, Texas at SXSW.
We placed Kelvyn Colt, SugaBoy, Olah Bliss and Melis to play an official SXSW showcase, who ended up sharing the stage amongst others with IDK, FlippDiNero and Taylor Bennett. Melis was holding down the cypher and beat battle on the decks and played the SXSW Treble House party.

Among the 6 creatives we took along was Berlin based Johannes, who lead the analoge photo documentation of the trip alongside Virtual Love’s Gianna Shamone, who took the the BTS and Live pictures that were later on compiled in A5 offset printed zine to be called ‚HUMAN, MUSIC‘. The Los Angeles based VHS videographer Vlad shouldered his Panasonic camera during the entire experience and put together a shortfilm, that is soon to be released.

Date: March 9th to 15th, 2019
Performers placed: Kelvyn Colt, Olah Bliss
DJs placed: Melis, SugaBoy
Photographer: Johannes, Gianna Shamone
VHS Videographer: Vlad, Digital is Boring
Venue: Empire Garage