VL Jam Session x Bewake Studios


We collaborated on the first “RE: TEST PROJECT 1 aka VIRTUAL LOVE x BEWAKE“ at Bewake Studios.
A fully equipped recording studio, with several live rooms, recording booths and common areas.
Aiming to connect different artists and deliver a space for people to try themselves out and connect with each other. We were excited that our friends at Bewake shared that vision and were keen on showcasing their facilities.

A day fully dedicated to penetrate the senses from fresh brewed coffee (Sandro) to vegan wraps (Lucky), canvases for paintings and a stacked live room with instruments and talent over talent.

Special thanks to Adam and Jim from Bewake as well as Flavio and Lucky, who were not only a brilliant chefs, but also the conductor in the live recording room.

Date: September 7th, 2019
Videographer: Jakob Bornemann
Performers: not named, but you can see some of them in the pics and video
Artwork: Toni