VL Dining & Zine release

While the idea sparked during October summer nights in LA in 2018 it manifested in a whole concept before that year ended.
Virtual Love a dining experience was a 2 day event in Berlin, Wedding in the spring of 2019.

The concept evolves around the curation of an experience that transcends from a networking opportunity, dinner, art gallery, live showcase to a full blown concert.

While the first day was an invite-only seated multi-course dinner at BALDON, with an open invitation for their +1s after midnight -since we don’t want anybod to miss out on being part of our community. The second day was open to the public with an extended line up.

What was created over these days was a collective effort, which should have been impossible given the limited resources at hand.
A long list of credits, with endless appreciation to the ones named and the ones who pulled up.

Date: March, 1st and 2nd
Stage Design: Martina
Sound Engineer: Marco
Mixologists: Vincent, John, Konstantin
Service Gang: Sarah and Lenny (1993-2019) - miss you brother!
Camera 1 & Edit.: Timmi
Camera 2: Luca
Mobility Partner: BerlKönig by ViaVan
Drinks sponsored by: HavanaClub7, Heineken, Schweppes
Artwork by: Toni

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