VL Concert

VIRTUAL LOVE is continuously bridging the gap of virtual interaction and consumption into real life experiences by curating art related events throughout the year.

The first experience was a concert at Badehaus Berlin, where we blocked all camera phones to create a unique and intimate experience.

Mike Nasa fka Madflows, Che Lingo and Kelvyn Colt graced the stage, alongside our favorite DJs SugaBoy, Noah B. and Moneyama.

Thanks to everyone who came around and made our first happening special.

Date: September 7, 2017
Artwork: Simbayu
Photographers: Bela, Le Voltage
Videographer: Max Gold, Jakob Bornemann
Set Design: Rufus
Guest Management: Naima
Venues: Badehaus Berlin, Secret Aftershow Location
Food Sponsor: Pizza Lab by Guru Collective