Human, Music zine release (NYC)

On the back of our experience in Austin Texas at SXSW, we released the zine ‘Human, Music’ in New York City.
Along with J. B Buttge, we created a white cube gallery space in the lobby of the Box Factory bordering Brooklyn and Queens. While the interior was dedicated to large hanging prints and framed pictures. The outside courtyard was dedicated to large poster portraits and the setting for the live showcase by Olah Bliss (LDN) and Julian Soto w/ Jimmy Litt (NYC), which was concluded with a DJ set by Melis (BLN).

‘Human, Music’ depicts a visual memoire of strangers brought together by a common but distinct interest in music.
The work in progress project VIRTUAL LOVE out of Berlin took six individuals to Austin, Texas in March 2019 collaborating with the New York based collective Treble Industries. While the idea was to merge the six creative outlooks they were set up to encounter other musicians – most of them meeting for the first time ever. They were sharing a stage at the Empire Garage during SXSW, living under the same roof thanks to Tangerine House, creating music and building a symbiosis with like-minded individuals in the Treble village.

Date: September 17th, 2019
DJ: Melis
Photographer: Cameron
Host: Cam
Cypher Host: Rotem Sivan
Print Production: Julie from IVY HOUSE Garage
Photos and Prints exhibited shot by: Johannes, Gianna Shamone, Julie from IVY HOUSE Garage
Production Crew: Johannes, Julie from IVY HOUSE, Mikhail, Cameron, Michael, Noah, Jess, Sharell, Matt, Sam, Sean